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We pride ourselves in our expertise and approach to you as an individual, tailored for every stage of life.

We want to establish the exact nature of your problem (a diagnosis). This means we can help you in the most effective way possible. A thorough history and examination are performed, the diagnosis discussed, and the treatment/advice offered specifically tailored to you and your presenting complaint. We don’t believe in ‘one shoe fits all’.

We offer a ‘hands on’ approach for not only the spine, but also limb, joint and soft tissue conditions including tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, ITB/knee tracking syndromes, plantar fasciitis, recurrent hamstring & groin strains, arthritis, headache, and pregnancy-related back pain.

We use a diverse range of safe techniques, including massage techniques, heat packs, vibro, anti-inflammatory ultrasound, myofascial release, chiropractic manual adjustment, drop-piece, activator, exercise training/rehab (including core-stabilizer ball work), stretching and lifestyle advice.

We only use x-rays according to specific clinical guidelines. Most people do not require x-rays for their particular problem. However, if we feel they are clinically indicated, we can send you to the local bulk-billing radiology clinic.


  • Thorough History And Examination Are Performed
  • Tailored Treatments
  • We Use A Diverse Range Of Safe Techniques
  • We Offer A ‘Hands On’ Approach
  • Stretching And Lifestyle Advice

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